“I highly recommend Dan Levy in support of organic chemistry projects. Dan took on our very difficult project and not only guided it to completion, he identified an analog that became our new lead compound saving us hundreds of thousands of dollars. In addition, Dan created a library of compounds for our company. Dan has proven to be an excellent contributor to our patent applications saving us thousands of dollars compared to a patent attorney. Dan has introduced us to and initiated discussions with potential investors. He has also led our effort in CMC contributions including metabolite ID, polymorphs, formulations and radio labeling. Dan is very inventive, trustworthy, punctual, well-organized, and he is an expert in his field. Dan is a pleasure to work with and he has brought great value to our company.” March 10, 2014


Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert


Mike Lewandowski

Service Category: Synthetic Organic Chemist and Consultant

Year first hired: 2013 (hired more than once)




“Dan is a superb chemist who designs the chemistry approach based on the budget, i.e. more focused SAR for a small biotech and broader approach for an established company. In our case he was instrumental in both the design of the chemistry and synthetic steps as well as program management to make sure outsourced chemistry is done in a timely manner and serves as trouble shooter on problematic synthetic steps to facilitate progress. He understands composition of matter patents and can write most of the patent to reduce legal costs. In addition to his command of the field, he is personable and remarkably efficient so that cost is minimized.” May 2, 2014


Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value


Howard Schulman

Service Category: Medicinal chemistry

Year first hired: 2010 (hired more than once)




“I had the pleasure of working with Dan on a patent application that required searching and reviewing the prior art as well as drafting language. He was able to efficiently grasp the technology and provide great work product as requested. I look forward to working with Dan again!” May 14, 2014


Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity


Jonathan Kaplan

Service Category: Chemistry Consultant

Year first hired: 2012




“I recently had the pleasure of hiring Daniel on behalf of a client who needed a number of compounds synthesized and delivered overseas in a short time-frame. Daniel found the candidate CRO/synthetic chemists, generated the RFP and negotiated the contract, and then managed the selected firm's progress and delivery of the compounds. Daniel was also able to help with the selection of particular target compounds and the design of synthetic pathways. The project had an extremely short and non-extendable deadline, and Daniel was able to make it a success. I highly recommend his services.” October 2, 2011


Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time


Robert Blackburn

hired Daniel as a Chemical Synthesis Management in 2011




“Daniel is expert in technology evaluation, outlining problems and then suggesting and executing on proposed solutions. He is creative, broadly knowledgeable, and very motivated. He did a stint as in-house consultant here at Oligasis, and we extended his term several times because of the high quality work he was performing.” November 10, 2010


Victor Perlroth, M.D., Chief Executive Officer, Oligasis

managed Daniel indirectly at DEL BioPharma




“We hired Dan on a full-time basis as a consultant to solve a particularly difficult synthetic chemistry problem. He did this in short order, and contributed fundamentally to other synthetic strategies as well due to the breadth and depth of his knowledge. Thanks, Dan, for a job well done!” November 3, 2010


Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert


Stephen Charles

hired Daniel as a Synthetic organic chemistry in 2010




“Dan Levy is an outstanding synthetic chemist and scientific leader. I had the pleasure of reporting directly to Dan over the last year as a Scientist for Intradigm Corp., responsible for the conjugation, purification and analysis of novel functionalized PEGs to a variety of peptides. Dan demonstrated his synthetic expertise on a variety of molecular classes from small molecules, sugars, and lipids, to PEG and its conjugates. As a manager, Dan communicated his expectations clearly and set tiered goals allowing his reports the freedom to achieve those goals while always offering helpful suggestions and advice. Always supportive and eager to teach the knowledge and skills he has gained throughout his career, Dan is an ideal supervisor. I highly recommend Dan, and would jump at the chance to work for him in the future.” May 6, 2010


Brian Frederick, Scientist, Intradigm Corporation

reported to Daniel at Intradigm Corporation




“Dan was instrumental in identifying a contractor for custom synthesis. He then directed successfully the synthesis ensuring the quality of the product. He is effective, knowledgeable and dedicated. I am sure I will ask for his services in the future.” May 10, 2009


Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value


Efraim Shek, Ph.D. SVP, R&D Adamas Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

hired Daniel as a Consultant in 2008




“As a consultant and trained synthetic organic chemist myself, I facilitated Dan's inclusion in a project for at a client of mine to devise and manage a synthetic program offshore. He clearly had a great base relationship to draw on with the subcontractor. He followed the program at a level of detail that no one in the company could have done and made many creative suggestions to keep the program on track. I would hire Dan again in a heartbeat for this kind of project or as a manager for a much larger in-house synthetic program in a company.” April 15, 2009


Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value


Terry Burkoth

hired Daniel as a synthetic organic chemistry consultant for management of a group with those responsibilities in 2008




“Dan has proven to be a major asset to our company by pushing forward our development efforts with a close focus on strategy.” March 5, 2007


Brian Sefton, CEO, Pharmadyn

managed Daniel at Self-employed




“Daniel consulted for us from March-June, 2007. We had an urgent need for a senior-level chemist to assist in a challenging synthesis of a heterobifunctionally activated PEG derivative, starting from dihydroxyPEG. Daniel conceived a multistep synthetic scheme based on his own in-depth search of the relevant technical literature and proposed to us an ambitious project that would achieve our aggressive goals in a short time frame. He quickly developed an efficient synthesis and purification of the first critical intermediate, monocarboxyPEG. Working collaboratively with us and a contract research organization, Dan helped to overcome obstacles and solve problems for the remainder of the synthesis that enabled us to achieve successful synthesis of the desired compound in under three months. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Daniel. He is a very creative and competent synthetic organic chemist, and he has demonstrated through this project to me and to my team his ability to move into a new area and adapt quickly to produce real results. I recommend him highly to anyone seeking a consulting chemist as a partner.” June 13, 2007


Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert


Steven Chamow

hired Daniel as a Consulting Synthetic Chemist in 2007




“Dan Levy is a bright biopharmaceutical chemist, who provides innovative solutions to challenging synthetic problems!” July 22, 2008


Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative


Grace Jung

hired Daniel as a Biopharmaceutical Chemistry Consultant in 2006, and hired Daniel more than once




“Daniel synthesized a novel small molecule for us (i.e, DeliveRx Pharmaceuticals). In completing this project he greatly improved our process over that of other contract chemistry providers. He completed the project meeting our yield and purity specifications. The project followed the prescibed time line. Daniel provided an excellent report which has contributed to our intellectual property. I would highly recommend Daniel for contract chemistry work.” March 29, 2007


Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative


Robert Larsen

hired Daniel as a Custom Medicinal Chemistry Provider in 2006, and hired Daniel more than once




“Daniel has demonstrated his ability to lead a Medicinal Chemistry team in both the cardiovascular and oncology therapeutic areas. Daniel's strengths include his attention to detail in designing synthetic routes and approaching interdisciplinary problems. Daniel is a productive synthetic chemist who enjoys tackling problems at the bench as well as leading other chemists in his group. Daniel has been able to quickly move his projects forward by focusing his team’s energies on reaching critical decision points. Daniel is a highly focused, intelligent and driven group leader.” October 7, 2006


Barry Hart, Senior Scientist, Scios/ Johnson and Johnson

worked with Daniel at Scios, Inc.




“I worked with Dan for 3 years. Dan is the best supervisor I ever worked with. His knowledge of chemistry and biology helped me to overcome all difficulties I met in my work. His enthusiasm and dedication to drug discovery always encouraged me to make further achievements. As a group leader, he revealed his excellent abilities in both leadership and coordination to move the project forward.” January 31, 2006


Dan-Xiong Wang, Staff RA, SCIOS INC

reported to Daniel at Scios, Inc.








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